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To-do bot

A simple and powerful to-do list in your favourite chat platforms. Create and assign tasks to team members when you are having your conversations. Set due dates, get reminders and complete tasks using to-do bot!

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Create and conduct polls all within the chat platforms. Create a poll, get quick and easy answers inside the chat, and see real-time results instantly.

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Guillermo Gette

Over 10 years experience as a Software Engineer in the US, Australia and Argentina. Avid entrepreneur. Involved in various start-up companies. Co-founder of Help For Fitness. Grew up in Argentina.


Guillermo Gette

Over 7 years experience as a Project Manager within Software Development in Australia and the US. Set up companies and teams in Australia, US, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Serial entrepreneur. Founder of Help For Fitness. Grew up in Australia.


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